Flexible system for high-performance tasks, ideal for multi-axis applications

This Siemens solution is ideal drive for multi-axis applications, since it is capable of managing up to five servomotors with a single control unit.


Another of its advantages is that it resolves sophisticated drive tasks in industrial applications with power from 0.12 to 4500 kW. In addition, Sinamics S120 offers AC/AC high-performance single-axis drives in the following formats: Blocksize and Chassis. Added to the above, DC/AC drives coordinated for multi-axis applications in the following formats: Blocksize, Chassis and Cabinet Modules.


On the Sinamics S120, the drive intelligence and control functions are combined into central control modules called Control Units (CU), which perform vector control and servo control, as well as control by V/f. In addition, they also control torque and speed of all axes and have additional intelligent drive functions.


Download the Sinamics S120 catalog (PDF file, 973 KB .ZIP).


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The vector control with Sinamics S120, meanwhile, is recommended for drive solutions that involve continuous materials (Wire-drawing machines and machines for manufacture of aluminum, foil and paper) as well as lifting gears, centrifuges and ship propellants requiring a uniform circular motion.


Another important aspect is that the servo control with Sinamics S120 is used in synchronized processes with precise and simultaneous position control with high dynamic response and using servomotors. Which is possible to find in the textile industry, packaging, plastics and machine tools.