The drive for positioning tasks

In both construction of machinery and facilities, there are various applications that require positioning of axes in a simple, fast and accurate way. Given this fact, the Sinamics S110 has been designed to meet this objective. Therefore, when the process requires reliably moving a machine element from one position to another with the proper speed and accuracy, the Sinamics S110 positioning drive is the right choice.


This equipment includes all the needed positioning functions and dominates both the regulation of synchronous servomotors and asynchronous motors. It is also compatible with the speed sensors that are most commonly used in the industry. Additionally, for communication between the Sinamics S110 and a higher-level control system, it has an analog interface ±10 V as well a variety of field bus interfaces.


Download the Sinamics S110 catalog (PDF file, 556 KB .ZIP).


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Some of the most typical applications of the Sinamics S110 are: handling equipment, feeders and piece grabbing, stacking units, automatic assembly machines, laboratory automation, tool changers, adjustment axes; and tracking systems, for example, photovoltaic panels.


These technical characteristics make the S110 Sinamics ideal for applications associated with the Simatic automation system. In fact, all components of the automation solution can be programmed, parameterized and implemented without the slightest discontinuity of the system and with a single engineering platform.


Thanks to its field bus interfaces, Sinamics S110 is flexible and can be integrated into the most diverse system environments.