Synchronous Motors 1FK7 / 1FT: Ideal for high precision tasks, perfect synchronization and efficient electricity consumption

Among the main advantages of this equipment, its high torque is noteworthy, both at low and high speed. In addition, they have a high dynamic without loss of torque in working ranges of 0 to 2000 RPM, and with 1 second acceleration time. This is compounded by high accuracy, perfect synchronization and efficient consumption of electricity (saving energy).


Due to the above, these qualities make these motors ideal for any industry that needs processes with fast, accurate and precise movements.


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Finally, their applications in machinery are: food packaging machines (biscuits, chocolates, ice cream, fruit, etc.); cutting machines (die cutters, tannery, sealers, etc.); sealing machines (plastic, cutters, etc.); printing machines (control and position of colors); and loading and stacking robotic control systems.